Silos e magazzini del Tirreno Srl
via Pisa 4, 57123 Livorno (Italia)
Telefono: +39 0586.880411
Fax: +39 0586.880222

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The company Silos e Magazzini del Tirreno of Livorno has been carrying out third party services since the seventies, unloading ships, storage in flat warehouses and silos, handling and redelivery of the imports of cereals, legumes, oil seeds, flour and residues from the processing of plant and forest products (cellulose).


Its operational headquarters is the terminal located in the port of Livorno (a 200-metre dock with preferential approach and a 10-metre draught).


To carry out its services, the company uses two storage areas consisting of a series of silos with a total storage capacity of about 35,000 tons, and a flat warehouse with a surface of about 2,600 square metres with a storage capacity of about 15,000 tons of wheat and 10,000 tons of cellulose.


Since 2003, the company has been part of the Gabeca Group (now Marcello Gabana Holding, named after the founder), an articulated business reality - with headquarters in the province of Brescia - active in the agri-food (where the subsidiary Grandi Riso stands out, the fourth Italian producer of rice), real estate and ecological sectors.


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