Silos e magazzini del Tirreno Srl
via Pisa 4, 57123 Livorno (Italia)
Telefono: +39 0586.880411
Fax: +39 0586.880222

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The history of the company Silos e Magazzini del Tirreno kicks off in 1970, in the port of Livorno. During the following years, the three-bay warehouse with 15,000 tons of capacity was built, followed by the 49-cell silos with 35,000 tons of capacity. Silos therefore develops its activities and consolidates its expertise in the sector, also entering the forest industry in 1990. A new turning point occurs after the year 2000.


In fact, in 1997 the company obtained its HACCP and Bio certification. In 2003 Silos joined the entrepreneurial group founded by Marcello Gabana, reinforcing the agri-food sector (which includes water and rice). In 2014 Silos e magazzini obtained the state concession for another 20 years. In 2015 - with great media hype - the giant 80-ton Gottwald mobile crane arrives in the port of Livorno.


Now, the company's next big challenge is the new flat warehouse for cellulose storage, which should be implemented by 2018, further enhancing the high-tech operating capacity of Silos e Magazzini del Tirreno.


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